Allocasuarina verticillata

(Casuarina stricta, C. verticillata)

Drooping She Oak


Description: A small tree 15-27' x 12-18' with a dense crown and weeping branches.  Tolerates extreme conditions.  The tree is considered as an evergreen with needle-like branchlets that serve the function of leaves.  The true leaves are tiny triangular scales.

Culture: Full sun to part shade, salt tolerant, lime tolerant, drought tolerant.  Sand, loam or clay, well drained to dry soils.  Acid, neutral or alkaline.  Frost tolerant.

Uses: Excellent for shade, windbreaks, firewood or specimen.

Temperature Rating USDA Zone 8
Type Tree to 27'
Flower Color  
Growth Rate Quick
Placement Sun
Culture Low moisture
Native South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania
Key Benefits
bulletAttractive drooping branches
bulletTolerates extreme conditions
Problem Solving Features
bulletQuick growing screen
bulletLow maintenance
bulletSuitable for most any soil condition
bulletFrost tolerant

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No pre-treatment for seed needed.
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