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  Verticordia plumosa - Plumed Feather Flower: a small shrub with masses of small plum-pink feather flowers in Spring. The honey fragrance they produce is delightful. The foliage is blue-green and fine with the plant only growing to about 20 inches high and wide. It is somewhat frost hardy and appreciates good drainage and built up garden beds.
Index X Xanthorrhoea species - Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea austalis - Australian Grass Tree or Kangaroo Tail.  Very long, thin, grass-like leaves up to 3' long. Generally found along the rocky hills of SE Australia.  It takes 30 years or more for the leaf tuft to rise above the trunk.
  Xanthorrhoea fulva: A species found in Queensland, Pine Ridge Environmental Park
  Xanthorrhoea gracilis - The Slender Blackboy, mimidi.  Does not form a trunk.  Dwellingup West Australia - annual rainfall 34 inches, sandy gravel soil.
  Xanthorrhoea media - Small species with slender stem.
  Xanthorrhoea preissii - Western Australia species with an upright or slightly twisted trunk reaching 20' at maturity.  Common name balga (blackboy).  Height less than 9', width 3-6'.  28 inches annual rainfall.  Sand, sandy loam, loam or gravel soils.  44 viable seeds per gram, 94% germination rate. 
  Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata: Trunk up to 3' tall with 2' long leaves.  Very drought tolerant.  USDA Zone 9.
  Xanthorrhoea semiplana -
  Xanthorrhoea thorntonii - Cundeelee Blackboy.  Robust form of the desert blackboy. 
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